Our Full Range
of Services

              - Audio - Recording, Mixdown, Editing, Post-Processing and Sweetening
              - Video - Event Taping, Editing, and Web or DVD Authoring
              - Preservation - Reel to Reel, Cassette, and Vinyl Record Restoration
              - Graphics - Design and Layout, Scanning and Digitizing, and Retouching
              - Printing - High-Res Postscript Color Laser Documents and On-CD InkJet
              - Media Duplication - Short Runs of CDs or DVDs available
              - Scores - Composition, Music Transcription, and Parts Arrangement
              - Performance - Vocals, Keyboard, Bass, Guitar, and other instruments
              - Coaching - Vocal and Instrumental technique and performance
              - Animation - 3-d Titles, Flying Logos, Landscapes, and Characters
              - Internet - Web-Site Design, Web-Media Creation, and Web Hosting
              - Multimedia - Complete Authoring and Interactive Media Design

          Diverse Productions of Poughkeepsie, NY is your one-stop production house for a complete range of production options, including Audio Recording and Editing, Video Editing, Graphic Arts, and Multimedia Design.  We offer a wide variety of services, and many extras which come from a clear understanding of what creative people and successful creative projects really need, as well as what they often lack.  Having knowledge and experience in both Audio Recording and the Art of Presentation and Graphics, we offer an advantage for recording artists and others who want to get the word out about their work.  We have years of experience doing those little things - filling in the gaps to meet all of our clients' requirements.  In addition to Audio Recording, we offer Album Cover design and layout, and full-featured DVD Authoring for those videos which deserve special attention.  Our commitment to our customers is to continue to meet their needs until they have a saleable product to offer the public, and even beyond.  In other words, we give each project the opportunity to be all it was intended to become.   In addition, we help our clients to do more with less money, by making state of the art technology affordable.

          Our Lynn Road facility is a well-equipped project and commercial Recording Studio complete with Steinway Baby Grand Piano, which allows us to record individual artists and small ensembles in a comfortable homey atmosphere.  It has been our pleasure to record a diverse array of small to medium sized musical and theatrical groups for a wide range of purposes, from performers recording a demo or releasing professional CDs of material for sale to the public, to recording audition tapes for applying to music school, or even recording original works for submission to the copyright office.  Our list of past clients runs the gamut from legendary musicians like Pete Seeger to relative unknowns who may one day be legends, like Pop/Rock diva Xoch, guitar virtuoso Bob Cage, or Pete's album collaborator Randolphe Harris, as well as ordinary people whose aspiration is mainly to see that their music is preserved for posterity - the right way.   It's all about making the song or piece sound the best it posssibly can - the way it really 'wants' to sound.  Resident Engineer/Producer Jonathan J. Dickau aspires to be a modern-day Sam Phillips, in choosing to champion all kinds of musical cross-overs by artists who are breaking new ground rather than remaining bound by the music industry's genre boundaries.  We are also fully equipped for editing, CD-mastering, vinyl restoration, and post production.  Therefore we can often handle multiple projects, or multiple aspects of your creative project, simultaneously.

          We are also well-equipped for remote on-site recording of live events.  Our Tascam DA-P1 allows us to record in flawless stereo digital quality, far from any electrical outlet, for the ultimate in flexibility.  Using the extra battery pack, we can capture up to 3 hours of Audio in the most remote locations.   When nearer to electricity, we can offer even more options.   We have recorded a number of live events at both indoor and outdoor venues, and some of the performances we've captured have already appeared on CDs available for sale.  We are proud to have among our recorded live performers The Raggedy Crew and Friends, The Fellowship Singers of the UUFP, Incus, Peachy Neechy, Morticia's Chair, and Muruga Booker with the Global Village Ceremonial Band.  Our live-performance capture capability is well complemented by our ability to perform noise reduction through noise-print sampling, and provide other post-processing services such as EQ and sweetening, CD mastering, and more.  Once your recording is finished, we can even do limited-run duplication, to ensure that your music gets out to the public.

          When the time comes to create the packaging necessary for a saleable product, we can aid you by either making your vision real or by creating a fresh new design for a CD Album Cover and/or Booklet you will be proud to own.  We have crafted Album Covers and booklets for numerous projects, including products that have received both National and International recogntion, and world-wide distribution.   We created designs for the CD packaging of Xoch's "popcore du jour", "Cabaret," and "The ONE", Peter Krauss' "Night Music" and "Dream Collage," Candace Coates' "Flights of Fancy," Bob Cage's "Flat-Top," and others.  We can create impressive and colorful layouts for your demos, CD-ROM presentations, DVDs, or other creative works, so that the packaging reflects the level of care which went into creating them.  You deserve to have full control over the evolution of your final product, and we give you that control at every step of the process.  If you want to display a professional-looking project, and you want to spend less money getting exactly what you want, we can help you.  High-Definition scanning and Full-Color Laser printing complete the package.  We even offer on-disc printing for limited-run CDs and DVDs.

          We have extensive capabilities, with a unique attitude about giving the customer exactly what he or she wants, plus that little something extra which makes everything come together.  We can help you to create a product you can be proud of, with all of the necessary trappings to make it an attractive total package.  Our attention to detail, and our pride of workmanship are second to none.  We have an understanding of the subtleties and nuances of production work which gives us, and you, a distinct advantage when setting out to create a professional-looking, professional-sounding, and fully satisfying product for others to enjoy.  It is our talent for getting the little things right, which will allow you to have the benefits of big studio sound, and big production house capabilities, at such an affordable rate that you'll want to take all of your projects to the next level.  Let us help you craft your next Song Demo, or design your next Album Cover.  We are all about helping creative people excel.  You will be pleased when you trust us to aid you in the process of building your professional career.

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