Graphic Arts and Design

          Whatever your Graphic Design needs, Diverse Productions has the resources and talent to transform your ideas into reality.   Whether it is scanning in your artwork or photographs, designing new CD artwork, creating your company logo, or developing the layout and typography for your posters, presentation graphics, business cards, brochures, or annual reports, Diverse Productions can do it all.   We have full word processing and typography capabilities, as well as extensive graphic design ability.  Most letterhead, address label, and business card design and printing projects can be handled in-house.   We can also design and print your brochures, letter or legal sized posters, and even CD traycards and covers from artwork and typography to completed product in-house.   Almost any job which you might have taken to a Service Bureau or Design Studio can be handled by our personnel.

          We can take your ideas from a storyboard or sketch, and incorporate all of the images, graphics and text you provide, or design your printed items from the bottom up.   Once your photographs have been scanned in, we can remove unwanted imperfections or add in new elements to make a composite image that appears perfectly natural; so it looks just how you envisioned it in your mind's eye.   We can combine and blend typography with photography and clip-art or other graphic images, and add special touches to create the desired effect.   Our skilled Graphics personnel are familiar with many of the state-of-the-art graphics design programs which we have on our desktops.   A full range of special photographic and artistic effects is available.   When things look just the way you want, we can produce your final printed items, as well.   With our 6-color inkjet printer, and postscript color laser printer, we can handle most projects in-house.

          Should your project have special production needs which we can not accommodate in-house, we can tailor our design to meet the needs of the service bureau or printer who will be completing your project.   We are able to work with outside printing establishments and service bureaus skillfully, to help ensure that all aspects of your print job look exactly as you want to see them, with no surprises.   We can create your design to allow for easy portability to another facility, ease of printing, in-house, or both.   We give you choices at each stage of a project which put you in the driver's seat of your product, but we are also able to go wild on our own.   Lead Designer Cary Kruzansky has more than 5 years experience with Graphic Arts and Design work, and brings an innovative and fresh approach to the art of design and presentation graphics.  She has created several Album Cover and CD booklet layouts, which can be found elsewhere on these pages.  Pre-press specialist Jonathan brings over 15 years experience in Graphic Arts, and a detailed knowledge of Computers and Design techniques.

          Programs available for our use in graphics design include Adobe Pagemaker, Photoshop and Illustrator; Quark Express; CorelDraw, Trace, and Photopaint; Macromedia Freehand; and Ulead PhotoImpact.   These programs are powerful, professional tools which allow us to skillfully meld your photographs and message into a cohesive package that will reflect your unique image and personality.   Our powerful design stations give us plenty of horsepower for manipulating images and data, for inclusion in a project.   The networked configuration of the computers in our studio also allows us to draw design elements from many sources, and have multiple designers working on one project simultaneusly.   Using our Epson R300 6-color inkjet printer, TI MicroLaser Pro B/W Postscript Laser printer, and our OKI C5300 Color Postscript Laser printer, we can meet almost any short-run printing needs you may have.

          The low cost of Laser Printing makes it an attractive option, and we pass on the savings to our customers.   Our Inkjet printer gives us Vivid Color, and it allows us to also offer full color on-disk printing for short runs of CDs or DVDs.   We can do many of the same jobs which might be handled by a Design Studio or Advertising Agency, as well as more traditional Service Bureau fare.   We are creative people, with a flair for authentic good design.   Let us bring our keen sense of the balance and harmony between background and foreground elements in a layout, to your next project.   Let us help you to look good, and save money too.   We are somewhat less costly than many Graphic Artists and Designers, but we are no less skilled, and a whole lot more eager than some to give you what you really want in your finished product.

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