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        Diverse Productions has many friends, past clients, and business associates who have a presence on the web.   We appreciate their business and support, and honor them on this page by providing a brief description and link to their site.   Thanks to all of you!

BobCage.com - This is another website designed by Diverse Productions.   Bob Cage is a very talented guitarist whose style runs the gamut from jazz, to blues, to acoustic ragtime.   Bob has recorded in our studios and we designed the graphics for his CD, Flat-top which is a self-accompanied old time jazz on Epiphone Flat-Top acoustic guitar. Check out his music page for some music samples.

DeniseBassen.com - Is a website calling card for the multi-talented Denise Bassen, reflecting her performance skills as a Classical Operatic Soprano and Organist, her vocal and keyboard teaching skills and her conducting experience.

Candace L. Coates - Highland Harper - Candace plays the Celtic folk harp and has recorded two albums at our studio. She is known in the area as the Highland Harper, performing at festivals and cultural events along the east coast. Candace has been known to mezmerize school children with her educational demonstrations as well as lulling wild and farm animals to sleep!   We at Diverse Productions designed the graphics for her 2003 release, Flights of Fancy to her exact specifications.

Hickey-Finn Insurance - We redesigned the hickey-finn.com site back in 2004.   Founded by Dan Hickey and Bob Finn, this independent insurance agency has been in business for over 20 years and can meet all your personal, commercial, and specialty insurance needs at substantially lower cost.

Karl Volk Studio - In addition to being an talented and versatile artist, Karl Volk is a songwriter and singer who has been a friend and client of ours, for some time.   His website offers a place on the web to see some of his paintings, sketches, prints and collages.   Karl was also one of the performers on the Fellowship Singers of the UUFP CD.

Lara Chkhetiani - Originally from the Republic of Georgia (former Soviet Union), Lara is a folk healer who was discovered by world renowned psychic Djuna Davitashvili when she was 19 years old, and trained in Moscow.   In addition to her Healing work, she is also a skilled painter, a jewelry designer, a pianist, and a composer.  Lara now lives in Barrytown, NY.   We designed and maintain her website, www.larachkhetiani.com.

Linda Roper - Linda is a character actress, originally from England.   Classically trained in theatre at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama - Glasgow, Scotland, she arrived in the US in 1995 and has made a definite impression.   Her photos page shows a wide range of characters whom she has embodied - from Satan in The Massacre of Trenent, to Aurelia in The Madwoman of Chaillot.

Musical Waters - Musical Waters is a local business run by Bob and Ellen Chase.   Travelling to concerts and conferences around the country, they choreograph their dancing fountains with soaring music and a colorful and animated light show to create a magnificent and unforgettable experience which transcends words.

Nursing Mothers Welcome - is a source of information and support for women who elect to breastfeed their babies.   In addition, it is the title of a film inspired and recorded by Heather Maclean to provide a universally understandable educational and empowering support system for these women.

Peter Krauss is a pianist/organist/composer/instructor/sightreading system inventor who has been a client of ours for a number of years now.   Originally coming to us to have some of his original compositions recorded, Peter has had Diverse Productions design his personal website as well as the website for his musical flashcards (a wonderful learning tool for sight-reading music) called Mozart's Flashcards.   We have also assisted Peter in transcribing and scoring his original works, as well as recording, duplicating and designing the graphics for his two CDs, Dream Collage and Peter Krauss - Night Music Original Piano Compositions.   In Addition, Peter Krauss has written some compositions relating to Saint Michael the Archangel.

Unitarian Fellowship of Poughkeepsie - We include this link to give you the opportunity to hear excerpts from the Fellowship Singers CD.   Click on the "Activities" button and scroll down to the paragraph about the Fellowship Singers, and listen to some .mp3 samples.

Work o' The Weavers - David Bernz has been a friend and client for many years and we have mastered his live recordings for showcase CDs as well as his TRIBUTE TO AMERICA'S PIONEERING FOLK QUARTET - Live in Concert CD. We also designed the cover for his demo CD and souvenir CD.   If you enjoyed Pete Seeger and the Weavers, you'll enjoy The Work o' the Weavers.

Xoch.com - Xoch (pronounced Zoach) is a up and coming singer/songwriter/performer who has recorded in our studio.   Diverse Production prepared all the layout and graphics designs for Xoch's CDs, The ONE , cabaret , popcore du jour, and HOLLYWOOD.   Check her out and listen to some great music.

Disc Makers - Offering low cost CD, DVD and Cassette supplies as well as a full range of design and packaging options for CD and cassette manufacturing, Disc Makers is one of our preferred suppliers, offering many valuable resources and options to independent recording artists at little or no additional cost.   Xoch's jewel case CDs; The ONE, popcore du jour, and HOLLYWOOD; and her jacket CD cabaret are perfect in every detail, thanks to their excellent quality control in manufacturing and packaging.

Magnetic North - Located just up the road in Saugerties, Todd and his staff at Magnetic North offer a wide range of audio duplication capabilities and services.   When Candace Coates was deciding where to have her CD: Flights of Fancy manufactured, Todd's reputation, and the fact that he was local, were deciding factors in being selected as her manufacturer of choice.

Rainbo Records - Located on the West Coast and having over 60 years experience in album production, Rainbo offers low pricing and high quality vinyl album, cassette and CD manufacturing.   They did an outstanding job manufacturing the Fellowship Singers of the UUFP CD, which was recorded by Jonathan Dickau and designed by Cary Kruzaansky.

        In addition, here are some links to other fun and interesting places.

After Hours Quartet - Singing barbershop harmony in and around the Hudson Valley, these four women are all members of the Evergreen Chorus, Region 15, Sweet Adelines International.   Karen Cashin, Angela Dourdis, Cary Kruzansky, and Lisa McVey sing all the old songs and some newer ones with their intricate harmony, choreography, and enthusiasm!   Cary designed and maintains the Website, but Angela is the contact for booking performances.

Jonathan Dickau's website - www.jonathandickau.com, is where to begin to find out about Jonathan and his many activities.   Also see...
Jonathan's Search for the Common Thread - This web-site is chock full of Jonathan's writings on matters philosophical, practical, and metaphysical, including Science and Math, Spirituality, Psychology, and Mysticism.   It also includes his poetry, fractals, and other unique graphical images.   This extensive site is sure to provide something to intrigue you.

Cary's Singin' Again - is Cary Kruzansky's website for developing barbershop harmony learning tapes.   She sings all four parts and overdubs herself into a quartet.   What is Barbershop harmony?   Check out her site and you'll hear what we mean. (Cary is really into barbershop singing, and sings with both the Evergreen Chorus and her quartet, After Hours.)

Mark Doerrier - Mark is not only a video producer and videographer, but also a singer/songwriter and cartoonist.   Clicking on this link will give you a glimpse into a little corner of his ... mind.

Thank you for visiting their sites, and ours.

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