Multimedia Authoring
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        It would seem that the rest of the world has finally caught up to the vision our founder has had for a number of years.  People in Audio are being told that they need to be able to work with Video, to capture the best work.  People who have been in the Video field for years are being pushed in the direction of Interactive Media and Multimedia Production.  There is a tremendous growth in this area, over the last few years, and it promises to become bigger still.  Our personnel have been involved with the emerging field of MultiMedia since its early years, and we have seen it grow into a burgeoning field of its own.  When Diverse was started, our focus was on establishing a Project Recording Studio primarily for Audio Production, but our founder's experience in the Graphic Arts, and his vision of the coming tide of interactive media, led him to make Diverse something more.

        Diverse Productions has been a multi-media endeavor, from the very beginning.  Diverse founder Jonathan Dickau was trained in media creation, and spent many years in a work environment which strongly encouraged the development of cross-fertilization between distinct areas of media production, and the utilization of a mixed-media approach to problem solving.  Specifically, when Jonathan returned to Dutchess Community College for additional study, he majored in Communications with an emphasis in Media Production (Audio and Video), and also taking all the remaining electives in Music.  He had already completed a degree in Physics, but desired to pursue a career in Music Recording, Radio, or Television.  Although he needed to re-enter the workforce after completing only three semesters of that program, positions he later held propelled him very near the epicenter of development for what was to later become Multimedia.

        Working for a company called Alan Graphics, he got to spend time in a lot of darkrooms, in Printing establishments all around the US, and a few places beyond its borders.  The machines he was working on utilized a variety of technologies, including electrical, electro-mechanical, optical, electro-optical, and opto-mechanical sub-systems - with both analog and digital control sytems, and on-board multiprocessors.  He quickly went from bench technician to field engineer, in that job, with his first field repair being more than 2000 miles from the home office (which was in Peekskill, NY), in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He learned all aspects of conventional (photo-mechanical) pre-press for Flexographic Printing in the Label and Packaging industry.  This was to prepare him for the next chapter, as his exit from that job made him Director of Development for a company called Electronic Imaging Systems, which was developing and marketing computerized Pre-Press systems.

        That firm teamed up with a larger company called Pansophic, which has just acquired the originator of Multimedia, Genigraphics, who had developed all of the 3-d simulations for NASA, during the early years.  Jonathan got to spend many months at the facility in Syracuse, NY which had been the home of Genigraphics, working closely with their development teams.  This put him in touch with many people who were in the forefront of Presentation Graphics and Multi-Media Presentations.  The reason for his firm's involvement with the Pansophic/Genigraphics team was the enormous gulf that existed between the world of Computer Graphics and Rendering and the world of Graphic Arts for creating Printed items.  Jonathan and his team were invaluable, because they created a bridge between the worlds of  Artists and Designers, Computer Programmers and Hardware specialists, and Printers and Pre-Press people.  Unfortunately, this did not prevent the dissolution of Pansophic's Graphics division, which compelled Jonathan to seek work elsewhere.

        About that time, Jonathan became serious about recording some of his original music, and found that many of the friends he had played in bands with were more than willing to assist, and eager to record their own songs.  This began a string of projects undertaken in a number of commercial recording studios, around the Hudson Valley.  Jonathan honed his own Audio Production skills while playing and recording his music, by working with a number of talented engineers, in their studios.  Jonathan's last full-time job, before founding Diverse, was as VP of Development for Acorn Imaging in Newtown, PA.  Here, he continued his work with computerized pre-press systems, and played music many weekends, finishing recordings for his first album Diversity shortly before his employer was sued for embezzlement.  At that point, Jonathan decided that the right course of action was to pursue his muse full-time, and he began to gather equipment for his studio.

        Thus began the saga of Diverse Productions.  We always had ambitions of being a Multimedia giant.  We are not gigantic yet, but we have experience with Multimedia, through a familiarity with all its aspects.  We hope you will find our Multimedia Authoring services helpful in implementing your next project.  If you have need for a presentation that does more than just sits there, call us.  We can create a responsive and interactive presentation, for whatever your needs Corporate or Artistic.  Let us assist you, by designing programs which make your target audience want to respond, and give them the ability to do so.  We are experts at all aspect of layout and graphics, and skilled with scripting and authoring technologies.  We can aid you in creating any sort of multimedia presentation, for whatever purpose you have in mind.

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