Musical Composition
and parts creation for
your project.

        Musical Composition and parts creation has been part of our offerings from the very start of Diverse Productions.  Diverse founder Jonathan J. Dickau is a songwriter and composer with an impressive list of completed works.  Jonathan appears on the very first project ever recorded here, Ripper's Mojo, where he created an elaborate introduction and incidental keyboard parts for two songs.  He has been studying Music for more than 30 years now, with a serious focus on composing for the last 3 to 5 years.  For the past 3 years, he has been a student of Helen Baldwin, who is a Concert Pianist and Director of the Fellowship Singers, and was head of the Music department at Dutchess Community College, in upstate New York.  Helen is his Piano instructor, and Composition mentor and coach, as well as a longtime friend.  Prior to this recent push, Jonathan has had many other inspirational teachers, some of whom are enumerated below.

        Since Ripper's Mojo, which was released in 1995, Jonathan has appeared in incidental roles on quite a few albums.  He has remained available, but has not attempted to intrude on the creative space of those he has the pleasure to serve as Recording Engineer or Producer.  He has, however, stepped forward where invited, and crafted Bass, Keyboard, and Background Vocal parts for several projects, which blend seamlessly with the other parts on those albums.  Jonathan has an ability to improvise in almost any style.  He has an extensive knowledge of scales and chords, and has studied various styles of rhythmic articulation.  His understanding of the nuances also adds tremendously to the range of styles he can successfully undertake.  Having played Punk and New Wave, Rock, Jazz, Classical, New Age, and Folk, he has a wide vocabulary.  He can also skillfully blend a variety of different styles, to create almost any mood desired.

        Jonathan was awarded the Choral Music award, in his year of graduation from high school, for highest grade in that subject, and was part of the Conference All-State Chorus, as a result of excellence in competition.  He went on to study Music further, taking all available courses in the subject at Dutchess Community College, many with Helen Baldwin and Roger Thorpe.  Music Appreciation, Music History, and Theory 1 and 2 were just a start, but more was desired.  He went on to study Music further at SUNY Albany, taking a full year of Electronic Music with Joel Chadabe.  Jonathan had built his first Synthesizer from spare parts back in 1973 and '74, but the modular Moog Synthesizer installed in Albany was the behemoth of its day, and quite impressive, filling an entire room with banks of oscillators and sequencers.  Now the same functionality can be made much smaller, but nobody has duplicated what those old machines could do.

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