Our Company
Diverse Productions
of Poughkeepsie, NY

       The Diverse Productions story begins more than 10 years ago, with the Studio first being outfitted late in 1994 and being in regular operation during most of 1995.  During the 3 years Jonathan worked in Newtown, Pennsylvania (outfitting computers for Pre-Press and Design work in the Label and Packaging industry), he spent a lot of his non-working time in other people's studios, to record his first album, Diversity.  When his employer went out of business, Jonathan decided that he wanted to create his own Recording Studio.  Diverse Productions was born to fulfill that dream.  The studio became fully operational, with very limited tracking capability, some time in 1995.  Later that year we released our first album project, which was Ripper's Mojo, a cassette mini-album with 10 songs by Vince Ripper, who is now partner of up and coming pop diva Xoch.  Over the next several years we recorded several more local and regional artists, doing song demo recordings for Darren Steele, Skip Taylor, Judy Norman, and others

        The story developed as we continued to improve our recording capabilities.  We began to get work recording for CD album releases, mastering CDs for duplication or replication, and more.  We recorded songs for Randolphe Harris (who performed with R&B greats, The Platters) and world reknowned folksinger, Pete Seeger on their collaboration album, Secret of Sharing, which was mixed and mastered here.  Subsequently, we performed the mixdown and mastering of Daffodils and Dandelions, which teamed Folkmeister David Bernz with legendary Jazz Clarinetist Perry Robinson, and Randolphe Harris.   This CD was created just in time to be sold on their tour of Germany, with the Zeltmusik festival in 1999.  As we added more input tracks, and more microphones to our collection, we became able to handle some more ambitious projects.  Although our studio space is limited, we have recorded small ensembles like The Bernstein Brothers (a trio of guitar, mandolin and upright bass), After Hours (an a capella Sweet Adelines quartet), Raggedy Crew (a trio with two singers and many instruments), and Nostalgia; a five piece jazz/swing ensemble with vocalists and a full drum kit.  On occasion, we provide supplemental instrumental or vocal tracks.  In addition, we have a variety of instruments onsite, including a Steinway baby grand piano.

        As time went on, Cary Kruzansky joined the Diverse Production team.  Having an engineering background, and an interest in graphic design, she facilitated the development of our graphic design and website creation capabilities, during her time here.  Now in addition to extensive recording capabilites, we can design promotional materials, and create websites complete with animated Gifs or 3-D animations.

        Some of our capabilities have been developed in response to our clients' needs.   One of our recording clients had some video footage which he wanted to edit, so we collaborated with him and branched out into video production and editing.  Another client had reel to reel recordings which he wanted to preserve and transfer to CD to share with family members.

        We do most of what you need!  The song Look Into the Storm on Xoch's album, The ONE was recorded and mixed here.  It includes our first recording of a full drum kit.  The Xoch logo was created by us based on a photograph of a tatoo, and it has been incorporated into Xoch's CD graphic design materials ever since.  In fact, we have not only mastered her CDs, we have also designed all of the graphics for them.  In short, we are talented, capable people who are willing to go the extra mile to help make our clients' dreams a reality!

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