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Diverse Productions is aptly named based on the diversity of skills and capabilities of our staff.   Utilizing state-of-the-art computer and audio equipment, we have completed an amazing variety of work over the last few years.   We would like to summarize our capabilities and review some of our success stories on this page.   We are always looking of a new challenge, and invite you to work with us to make your vision a reality.

Dream Collage - Original Piano Music by Peter KraussDiverse Productions started out as a multi-track audio recording, mastering, mixdown and editing business; but over time, we have grown to encompass video recording, editing and DVD production, scoring and composition, as well as graphics and web design.   We have captured and transferred reel-to-reel recordings to CD, thereby ensuring that these historical records are preserved (interviews by and of well known poet and activist, Walter Lowenfels).   We have also captured and transferred personal collections of "out of print" vinyl recordings to CD so they can continue to be enjoyed.   In addition, we are able to capture many types of personal film or video recordings and reformat them for DVD viewing or posting to a website.Original Piano Compositions by Peter Krauss

Our clients run the gamut from students recording their performance for gifts or as a demo for entering a music school, (Tristan, classical violinist; or Jeremy Kermani, pianist/composer), to budding composers scoring and recording their musical pieces for inclusion in a grant application (Peter Krauss, pianist/organist/composer), to submitting an audition tape to attend a prestigious university (Denise Levine), to video interviews for adoption or conference presentations, to creating a DVD of a local school theater production, to up and coming professional musicians releasing their indie CDs for sale at concerts, (Xoch, pop/rock/singer/songwriter and her guitarist songwriting partner, Vince Ripper; and other band members).  

Xoch - The ONEWe have recorded some of Xoch's songs in our studio, (Look into the Storm, from Xoch - The ONE; and Enemy, from Xoch - popcore du jour).and Jonathan Dickau accompanied Xoch on piano in the song Enemy.  In addition to designing and and printing many of Xoch's promotional materials, we are very proud to have mastered her albums and designed album covers, booklets, labels, and traycards for her CDs; Xoch - The ONE;

Xoch - cabaret;

and, most recently, Xoch - popcore du jour.  

When Xoch was in her previous band (The Fuzzies) we designed posters (the Fuzzies) and when she decided to start her own band, Xoch; she asked us to transform a tattoo into a digitized logo (Xoch),

Bob Cage - Flat-TopWe have worked with Bob Cage, blues/jazz guitarist and recorded, mastered and designed the graphics for his self accompanied old time guitar jazz CD - Epiphone - Flat-Top.Bob has used our design team to create posters and to develop and maintain his website; bobcage.com.

We have recorded an album's worth of guitar-accompanied original songs written in a style reminiscent of the Rolling Stones for Jeff Timm, a resident of the Hudson Valley.

We have mastered a CD of material recorded by Charlie Jaffe and have been assisting in the copywriting and release of his material.


Candace Coates - Flights of FancyCandace Coates, Celtic harper/The Highland Harper has recorded two albums at our studio. We designed the CD graphics for Flights of Fancy.

We have clients who recorded all their material elsewhere and used our services solely for developing CD graphics, (Alex Nolan, singer/songwriter/guitarist); Alex Nolan's Original Music

and other clients who recorded all their songs with us and had someone else design the CD label and graphics, (The Raggedy Crew, Pat Lamanna, Tom Walker, Amy Strom, a folk/acoustic trio specializing in Malvina Reynolds songs; and Randolphe Harris, blues singer/songwriter/guitarist).   Some of our clients have used use our services to master a CD of live performances, Work o' The Weavers - Demo CD(Work o' The Weavers) and still others have had us reformat their video for uploading to the web, (Bob Cage).   We have transferred reel-to-reel recordings onto CD for ease of replay, and have even taken video footage and edited it into DVDs (Musical Waters)!

We have recorded church groups in concert and have overseen the CD replication process, (The Fellowship Singers of the UUFP),The Fellowship Singers of the UUFP and have used our remote recording equipment to capture a variety of live music concerts; from classical piano (Helen Baldwin, Peter Krauss), to spacey eclectic (Peachy Neachy), to hard driving alternative rock (Incus), to free form jazz/rock fusion (Muruga Booker and the Global Village Ceremonial Band). 

We mastered the IPSEC Indian Point collection and the Sloopsinger Songbag.

As musicians and performers ourselves, we have provided backup vocals (Evan Pritchard's CD Country Love Songs), piano accompaniments (Xoch's song Enemy - from her popcore du jour CD) and instrumental overdubs (percussion for Sarah Cagianese songs and electric bass on the Indian Point Sampler CD).

We recorded Pete Seeger reading and singing of Some Friends to Feed - The Story of Stone Soup, published by G.P. Putnam's Sons in 2005.

We have experience designing websites for performers (BobCage.com, LindaRoper.com, BarbaraRankin.com, AfterHoursQuartet.com., and PeterKrauss.com), web-based Businesses (Musical Flashcards.com, Mozartflashcards.com, Carysingin.com), Painter, Jewelry Designer, Musician, Healer - Lara Chkhetiani (www.larachkhetiani.com) and Commercial Firms (Hickey-Finn.com) and have created and incorporated flash movies, mp3s, videos and animation, as well as form data collection, text formatting and graphics.

We have worked with many local musicians and performers.   In addition to those listed above, we have recorded with Lori Siegel, the Bernstein Brothers, James Durst, Nostalgia, Sarah Cagianese, Carol and Ed Lundergan, Amy Fraden, Lucille Weinstat, Eric Hoffman, Darren Steele, David Bernz, Dianne Conine, Barbara Corona, Cathy Augello, Evan Pritchard, Heather MacLean, Skip Taylor, Mark Doerrier, Donna Doerrier, Nanette Koch, Kevin Becker, Robert Bard, Harry Bird, Sharon Perez Abreu, Dan Einbender, Shelly Koffler, Bill Ashby, Nancy Wright, Denise Levine, Karl Volk, Chris LaFalce, Beatrice Clarke, Jonathan Dickau, Cary Kruzansky and After Hours Sweet Adelines Quartet.

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