Video Production

        Video Production is something which we are proud to offer here at Diverse Productions.  Although we have not been involved with Video as long as Audio Production, we have already created some impressive products, and we are convinced that we must continue to expand our offerings in this area.  Even if a performing artist's primary gig may be music, Video is becoming more and more necessary as a means for a songwirter or vocalist to have their music reach the audience they desire.  We can help you to be seen, and get noticed, so that your audience will have the opportunity to get your message.  This also holds true for speakers, actors, teachers, and others who may not be traditionally seen as performers but are presenters of a message which they want to get across.  If you are a performer or a presenter, and you have a message that you want to communicate with greater impact, let us know so that we can help you to get your message to your intended audience through the medium of Video.

        Whether you have existing footage you are looking to edit or archive; or you want us to cover your event, capture your presentation, or create something entirely new; we can make you look good, for less money.  We have experience taping live performances, creating music videos, capturing speakers and conferences, using archival footage, editing home videos, editing documentary footage, and creating commercials.  We can create videos for almost any purpose, and with any tone you desire.  Whether you are hoping to create a Video as a product for sale, or to use it for promoting your product, we can help you in many ways.  Our creative talents, and our ability to look at all aspects of a project at once, allow us to give you the total package you need.  We also have the capability to add in little extras, to your production, so that your work stands out and sparkles.

        Our primary editing program is Sony Vegas, which is perhaps the most powerful Video editing program available for the PC, and the whole suite of Sony/Sonic Foundry products with which this product is integrated.  We also possess Video editing tools from Pinnacle and Ulead, as well as generating tools from Macromedia, Ulead, Corel, and Adobe.  We have DVD authoring programs from Sony, Sonic, and Ulead; and 3-D animation tools from Corel and Ulead.  Chief Editor Jonathan Dickau was first trained in Video Editing techniques at Dutchess Community College more than 15 years ago, has spent time in the company of many Video and Multimedia Artists in the interrim, and has been doing Video editing here at Diverse, for almost 5 years now.  It has been our pleasure also to work with Videographer Mark Doerrier, whose 20 years experience as a Producer/Director for Japanese TV make him eminently qualified for directing even the most elaborate production.

        Diverse Productions of Poughkeepsie, NY is able to bring you big-budget capabilities, without the high price tag found at most commercial Video Studios.  No, were not SONY Pictures, LucasFilm, or Industrial Light and Magic, but we can do some of the things they do and we can use many of the tools they use.  All we need is a reason to do so.  We can create 3-D models, scenery, and titles, changing and evolving backdrops - moving graphics of all kinds.   We can blend streams of footage creatively, using a wide variety of fades, wipes, and other blends.  Want 'picture in a picture' that grows to fill the entire screen, we can do that.  Or perhaps you need your shot to grow from a tiny dot, or emanate from the corners and swirl to the center, we can do it all.  We can easily handle editing a 5 camera shoot of a live event, and with some advance notice we can handle the shoot, as well.  Please allow us to help you create your next Video masterpiece, whether you need a Music Video, Live Performance Video, Documentary, or Commercial.  We look forward to serving you.

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