Audio Production

          Audio has always come first, here at Diverse Productions, and throughout our growth it has always been our intent to offer the finest level of excellence, with the lowest possible level of noise, and the best sonic quality.  We have endeavored to create a place where it is easy to be creative, in an environment which makes you feel at home.  Our facility on Lynn Road houses a Studio which has already been the birthplace of some very impressive musical creations, and has been in operation for almost 10 years.  This space is very well-suited for smaller ensembles and solo artists who want to craft song demos through multi-track layering, but we have recorded a full drum kit with good results (hear "Look into the Storm" on Xoch's - The ONE), and we have recently expanded our multi-track capacity.  We now offer 24+ tracks and 24-bit 96kHz input for recording, plus 192kHz mastering capability.  We can already do surround-sound mixdowns, and we are looking to upgrade our facility to full 5.1 monitoring soon.  We can also handle 64+ channels of MIDI data, with multiple options for input and output.  Though we are a small studio, we are committed to big studio excellence and quality of workmanship.

          We have always believed in the ability of creative people to make magic happen, given the proper opportunity.  We feel that our job is to facilitate the birthing of creative works, and to ensure that the expression of those works receives the proper attention every step along the way.  You see, the careful attention of caring people is the real key to making music
and capturing musical performances well.  We are keenly attuned to the nuances of performance, and to the range and capabilites of those individuals we have the pleasure to record.  It is always our intent to foster capturing the best possible performance, through a careful and studied attention to detail, and through a thoughtful and understanding relationship with our clientele.  We are skilled at providing feedback about when one more take is essential, when a performer is reaching their peak performance levels, and when those levels begin to drop off.  We will not intrude on a performer or producer's wishes; however, as it is our desire to cooperate with the creative process in every way possible, and to facilitate the intentions of those we serve.  We understand that this requires us to walk a fine line sometimes, but we will go out of our way to give you exactly what you want, if it is in our power to do so.

          We possess a wide range of fine microphones and other equipment, to capture your sound with pristine quality and clarity, and we are constantly expanding the number and types to accomodate the various groups and instruments we record here.  We currently employ microphones by Rode, Neumann, Audio-Technica, Shure, CAD, Yamaha, and Samson, using microphone preamps and input channels from Aphex, ART, Behringer, Nady, and DOD.  All content in this studio is captured on a custom-built Windows-based computer, with  1 GByte of RAM, and over 600 GB of Hard Disk storage, running at 2 GHz, with A/D and D/A conversion from Terratec, Roland, and Behringer.  Our FireNet SAN gives us access to more than 250 GBytes of additional storage for complex Mixdowns, Video, or Archiving works in progress.  Main monitors in the control room are Yamaha NS-8 series nearfield monitors.  Other monitors are available for comparison.  We utilize a wide variety of Audio software including SAW Pro (Software Audio Workshop) from IQS, Magix Samplitude; Sound Forge, Acid, and Vegas from Sonic Foundry/Sony, and a number of others.  Of course, we have a host of plug-ins and soft-synths, MIDI sequencing and playback programs, and more.  We have external sound modules from E-mu and Ensoniq, drum samplers from DOD, Yamaha MIDI Drum Pads, and MIDI keyboards from Yamaha and Korg, to facilitate creation and real-time playback of MIDI scores.

          Our new pride and joy is a mahogany finish M-type Steinway Baby Grand piano previously owned by Jonathan's piano teacher, Helen Baldwin.   For those who prefer playing an acoustic piano it offers ease of playability and an excellent tone.   We have already used it in a number of recordings, including a demo album of original works by Jeremy Kermani and Xoch's song Enemy, which appears on her June 2006 CD popcore du jour.  We also have a number of other instruments available for use at our studio, including an electric bass, several guitars and a variety of small percussion items.

          We also offer our own musical expertise, and the availability of a wide range of fine performers, arrangers, and producers.  We may not have mastered every style or play every instrument, but we know people who have.  We have broad-ranging expertise in our immediate studio complement, and we can supply a host of available others whose level of expertise ranges from the unquestionable to the sublime.  The fact that we are musicians as well as recordists allows us to have a better sense of what musicians are looking for.  We can address questions of how to improve musicality, or tonality, as well as knowing about the proper microphone placement and selection for each instrument or ensemble.  We are careful and caring people with a willingness to take the extra time, or make the extra effort, required to get things perfect.  We are, however, capable of working with deadlines and working to help you meet all your important deadlines with all the materials you require.  Although there are some jobs we know that we can't handle, it is impressive to note the wide range of Audio services we do offer.  In short, we can do absolutely everything needed to take you from concept to finished Album, Video, or Demo.  We already have an impressive list of success stories to attest to this.

          We offer Digital Multitrack Recording in the Project Studio at our Lynn Road facility, with 24+ channels of simultaneous input (after recent upgrades) and virtually unlimited mixdown track capability.  We have offered Audio CD Mastering for more than 10 years now, with a keen sense of what each recording needs to shine, and what is required to make diverse recordings work well together.  Listen to the Clearwater and IPSECs Indian Point Compilation CD, for a good example of the latter; some cuts on that album had the benefit of professional digital recording facilities while others were recorded on cassette, but the overall timbre of the album remains consistent throughout.  We can do noise reduction and sound restoration, to revive those old vinyl and tape recordings.  We also do creative Audio Editing work, where we can create collages of music that blend two or more songs into a medley, remove verses or solos, add additional repeats or make other kinds of structural changes that allow you to re-shape the music you love into something new and different.  We have all of the tools to do your dance re-mix here too.  Nor have we neglected the spoken word, in all of this, as we also craft words and characters as well as music and sound FX, but we can blend them all together too.

          In short, we do almost everything you might want us to do with your music or speech.  Beyond this, we can craft, or help you to craft any sort of sound whatsoever because we are sound designers, as well as recordists and musicians.  We have extensive modern synthesis and sampling capability, but we are also engineers, circuit builders, and tinkerers.  Our chief engineer Jonathan was building circuits for his first Synthesizer back in the 70s, and he had the opportunity to play extensively on one of the big old modular Moog synths, which was installed at SUNY Albany during the formative years of Electronic Music, where he studied with Joel Chadabe.  He is eminently qualified for helping others find an interesting and unique sound for a musical voice, a signature sound for an animated character, or sound effect.  He was trained in Audio and Video Production at Dutchess Community College, but he has also logged hundreds of hours at various commercial recording facilities.  Our assistant engineer Cary Kruzansky has her own Production Suite with Audio editing, vinyl restoration, and limited recording capability.  She has more than 5 years experience as an Audio recordist both in remote locations and in the studio, and she is eager to gain more experience in this field.

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